2019 What did Anakin say? Beaumaris PS provided the program .Anakin says it built his confidence , taughtt him new concepts and theories, and helped him with his creative thinking. .He is now in year 7 and wants more. We are looking at online units for a couple of young people like him.Maybe Algebra.

Gifted is an innate potential created by a complex brain structure. It can be nurtured with love and interesting activities and suitably challenging learning experiences. Talented is the adult expression of this potential at a level significantly higher than other adults.  In sport this would be State grade and above. In academia this would be a Masters or PH.D, in business perhaps corporate leadership and in the Arts it would be performance at an exhibition level. Gifted does not always translate into Talent. Personality, attitudes, opportunities, diet and social conditions such as war or poverty may interfere in its development. Selection and provision based on talent is easy but not nearly enough. The most needy miss out. See the six types of gifted on the home page.

WiseOnes is a school based opportunity, a catalyst for talent development in early life with selection based on potential as tested by recognized tests.. The child needs the school to take up the opportunity. That is the chance element in the child’s life – out of the child’s control even if they need the support very much.  www.fastlearnersonline.com.au is our online learning division.

Latest testimonials

What a wonderful learning experience WiseOnes has been for my son( grade 2) and for us,his parents. So wonderful that my daughter( Foundation) is joining the WiseOnes program this term. WiseOnes really does help gifted and talented learners( and their families). Were grateful to Beaumaris Primary School for welcoming WiseOnes as another form of school based education and for supporting the kids in their learning endeavours.

I’d especially like to thank Claudine Berman for her enlightened approach to educating my children. Claudine’s been key in identifying their gifts and in guiding me in how to help them thrive in the state education system.

It’s been great fun attending the WiseOnes parent sessions, seeing the kids learning so happily and creatively and differently. My son started WiseOnes in Foundation. hearing him and like young minds vigorously discussing and debating issues as varied and complex as morality, mortality, treason, jealously, cloning, biological implants( ‘You’ll never convince me of that Claudine’), the universe and Shakespeare   ( to name a few is inspiring. Claudine doesn’t hold back and these ‘mature’ theme are dealt with sensibly and honestly and start the mental cogs working. It’s reassuring to know that the kids are learning how to think”outside the box’ and about issues not often raised in the standard curriculum.

The weekly WiseOnes sessions have helped to focus and spark our son’s learning and reassure him  that it is fun and a ‘gift’ to be gifted. It helps him feel that the education system recognizes his gifts.

We highly recommend WiseOnes to any inquiring mind. It can be an intriguing and stimulating journey for enthusiastic learners.  (Name supplied)   October 2o15


Fast learners Online:  Wow! This is a much better way of learning algebra than school. I don’t learn well by listening but this way I can see the video and work on examples with the teacher sharing her camera and screen.   Joshua 14 and Alex 10  Aug 2015   ( They did not know each other before this)

I would like to thank you for starting such an incredibly successful program that my son was lucky enough to experience for a year. Since we’ve moved to a school where this program is not offered, it really has left a hole in his education. What I liked most about WiseOnes was not the curriculum as such, even though it was incredibly informative and enjoyable for my son, it was the way the specialist teacher was able to teach my child how to overcome issues outside of the classroom that gifted children are often prone to. Things like it’s okay to not know something – this means we are being challenged; it’s okay to make a mistake – this is how we learn. It was a wealth of information that both my son and myself dearly miss. It should be in every school as standard in my opinion, just as there is help for the other end of the spectrum.   Lena B 2014

March 2013 ” I would like to thank the support  team at WiseOnes, especially Mrs Alexander, who has given my son, Ben, the confidence and a sense of achievement throughout his participation in the WiseOnes program at St. Gregory The Great Primary School.

Ben has been part of the program for the last 3 years and each term, the topics are interesting and challenging. Ben really enjoys and looks forward to the new term for the new topic.   We hope his WiseOnes program will continue to support, guide and challenge him throughout his education.     Eva”

Feb 2013.   “I would highly recommend WiseOnes. Our son James has enjoyed every minute. He is pushed to think outside the square with subjects such as Engineering with Lego and Flight and Beyond.  Claudine is a fantastic teacher, whom he really respects. Thank you for providing such a program.”  Regards Bern

Hi Pat, Just to let you know that after being told by Ch’s kindy teacher that “she’s quite average in some areas” when we asked for her to be challenged, we have today taken her for the first lot of SB5 testing with a psychologist in Perth.

On the first set of 3 tests, she hit the ceiling on each and the psychologist has told us that she is profoundly gifted.  Last lot of testing on Friday and then we get the full report with recommendations.

Thank you for all your help over the last couple of years.  Now the truly hard work begins I guess. K

School Testimonials

The program was embraced by our school leadership as another means of enhancing the learning and further engaging our gifted students. Participants in the program and their parents have been delighted with the program and with the caring and committed WiseOnes teachers who value the student’s interests and the diversity of the students and foster the development each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to providing free testing of students, engaging in professional dialogue with the school leaders and trialling new ideas in our school, the Education Manager has assisted us by suggesting ways of financing the program in the school and offering units that would be particularly appealing to our students.” Principal  Outer South East school

Parent Testimonials

“As the father of 2 very bright little boys I was very upset and concerned that the public school system had funding/resources for handling children with learning disabilities but my ‘gifted’ children (who as a result of their intellect also have learning problems in standard classes built for ‘mainstream’ thinking only) were left to cope with the education system as best they could. If it were not for Wise Ones, and programs like them, then Australia’s most valuable future assets (their brightest kids) would be denied the right to reach their fullest potential through better education.  LesG 2012
I can not recommend highly enough the program which has got my kids excited about learning and asking questions about our greatest trading partner (China covered in T1), electronics (T4) and already, at only seven years of age, they understand that heroes and villains are relative to whose side they are on, and that things in this world are not just black and white. As an IT professional and a Finance and Investment specialist I know that if ever there was an investment that would pay big dividends for my kids, it will be the foundation on which they base their learning. WiseOnes provides the crucial cornerstone of this because it does not just ‘teach them things’, it teaches them to love the learning process itself. ”

I would like to put forward a few words of gratitude for the WiseOnes program run this year at the school. The program has been a big hit with our 8 year old son, Ben, as he has thrived with the extra, and exciting, learning challenge presented. The topics chosen each term have been varied and greatly enhanced Ben’s learning as well as his general knowledge. The convenience of the “immediately after school” timing of the program, and its location at the school, has also really helped this Mother of three!
A big thank to Claudine Berman and Brighton Primary School!   NS

Thanks so much Pat. I can’t tell you the absolute relief I feel that WiseOnes is getting so much support at our school. It’s like a little dream of ours is coming true that finally the gifted and talented kids at our school are getting a fair share of the pie. Our next focus will be to look at the curriculum in the classroom but we’ll start with the WiseOnes first!  It’s great to hear that there is another little girl of the same intellect as L… that will be in her group. When she was accelerated this year it took her almost a term to find her feet socially (which is natural) but then she connected with E… (whom you assessed yesterday – M’s daughter) and it was wonderful for her and us. They are on a very similar wavelength and socially just ‘get’ each other. It was amazing to see my girl finally engaging on a similar level with a classmate. She went from being frustrated at having to always play ‘baby games’ last year to being over the moon at playing games that challenge and stimulate her. I’m so thankful to Connie to agreeing so wholeheartedly with the recommended acceleration.   RL

Claudine’s caring but firm approach to their extended learning reassures me that this is money well spent. My children are excited when WiseOnes day comes around and can’t wait to talk about what they’ve learned when they come home. Claudine reminds them that all children have different strengths and she helps each child work to those strengths with loads of encouragement and careful assessment of their abilities. With the current constraints on the public education system, I see WiseOnes as a window of opportunity to help my children fulfil their potential.’ Dingley P.S parent

• We changed schools when we moved house over a year ago and the WiseOnes program was an important part of our decision-making process. Both my children have gained knowledge through the WiseOnes program but more importantly it has given my son real challenges and has given my daughter the comfort that she’s not the only one who’s “different”. Sometimes going to WiseOnes is the only thing that gets her through the school week, as feeling “different” can be completely overwhelming for a 7 year old. Mt Pleasant school parent
• The WiseOnes program has helped my child feel that he fits in into the normal school. Mill Park PS
• My oldest child participated in 3 WiseOnes programs and really enjoyed working in a fast paced environment where she felt very supported by the teacher. Boronia Heights PS parent
• WiseOnes is supporting her confidence and assisting her to accept less than perfection( it will be a long process) Malvern PS parent
• WiseOnes has been fantastic for my daughter’s self esteem and something she looks forward to every week. It helps keep her motivated to attend school.(The school had suggested that this child was slow as she did not interact in class and refused to communicate with the teacher. She was discriminated against because of a congenital condition but now she is up near the top of the class thanks to the increased self esteem Ed) school name withheld
• My daughter would rather go to WiseOnes than stay in her class. She loves WiseOnes. Livingstone PS
• My child is enjoying it immensely. It has also given him a boost in his confidence. Mill Park PS
• WiseOnes has given her exposure to information and concepts outside the normal curriculum. This broader view of the world around her turns up in her conversation and hopefully brings forward and widens her career choices. Donvale PS parent

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