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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 posted by wiseones 12:42 pm

WiseOnes understands that parents may wish to find out privately whether their child is out of the ordinary average level.  Psychological testing is very expensive and not necessary at this stage.  The Founder of WiseOnes has developed a standardized test that you can do at home for a very low price. She is the parent of gifted children herself so knows the emotions involved. The test is fun for the child yet tests all the required thinking and reasoning skills needed to show the need for a special program.

How does it work? 1. You send an email to , 2. we send instructions and password,  3. you set your child up at the computer, supervise the first 3 problems and then sit back and record the choices your child makes, ( No hints or body language to give anything away, You don’t want fake results), 4. then  you send the responses back, 5.  we send you the results.

Then if it all works out you can take the results to school and see what happens. The creator of the test is recognized as  Gifted Education Consultant by the Victorian Institute for Teaching and is an Associate Fellow of the ACEL as well as a Member of the High IQ Society and has a COGE  post graduate certificate from UNSW as well as many years as a school principal.

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WiseOnes now in New Zealand

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 posted by wiseones 12:33 pm

A warm welcome to Sue Luus who has taken up a Licence in the Queenstown area of NZ. I met Sue at a Gifted Conference some years ago and we both wanted some action for the gifted. Now she has moved to NZ and  has joined our team.

The World Gifted Conference WG 17   is on in Sydney later this month. Pat Truscott who is a Licencee in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and I attend World Conferences when we can so we will be sharing what we learn at our own WiseOnes Conference on Oct 21st at Oakleigh Grammar Conference Centre in Willesden Rd. Oakleigh starts 9.30am . Book by emailng


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European WiseOnes

Thursday, May 11, 2017 posted by wiseones 9:03 pm

Now that we are international in Oceania with the signing of a New Zealand Licencee in the south island, we are expanding into Europe next. I have recently been in Ireland, south and north, contacting teachers and organizations to see what interest there is in their schools and in parents.

The website is . If you know any schools or teachers who might like to run a Licenced gifted education business I can make it easy for them. I am actually an Irish citizen through my mother so I understand the people and their lovely sense of humour. I got some good extra teaching aids from Dublin and Enniscorthy castles.

Last year I visited the Atlantaquarium in Galway and wrote  a unit on Disguises as a result.  I will be back in Ireland later this year so I have a definite powerful interest in assisting the gifted children like my cousins’  grandchildren. This applies to the north as well as the south of the country.

In the plane from Singapore I was watching the pilots view of the world and had another idea. I was fascinated by the Java Trench just south of Indonesia and thought of the fascinating things I know about ocean trenches. I feel another unit coming on. I wonder what would be a good name for such a way out environment? Suggest some ideas.

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What are the WiseOnes units like?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 posted by wiseones 1:20 pm


Become an Expert, Vikings, Crocs,Kakadu and Wetlands, Ancient Rome, Dinosaurs, Human Body Systems, Construct in 3D, Geometric Art, Flight, Knights ans Castles, Clarre with a group doing a WiseOnes session


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Starting WiseOnes in Europe and UK

Monday, April 10, 2017 posted by wiseones 9:13 am

Every time I attend a Conference in Gifted Education people ask me about WiseOnes and tell me, “We haven’t got anything like that here”

So I am heading over to give it a go. See

If you know any great teachers in Europe or UK who may like to run a gifted education business with all our help and 20 years of experience then let them know to email and I will get in touch with them.

Our 20th Annual Conference is at Oakleigh Grammar Conference Centre on 21st October. Email as above to go on the list for information.

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