WiseOnes benefits children with autism

Monday, May 21, 2018 posted by wiseones 9:57 am

This term I have been teaching 2 groups with chiidren on the autism spectrum. They come with their aides but they have never had to do anything. After 6 lessons you cannot tell which ones are the ones with autism. Maybe it is affected by not being in a fast enough learning group. Every autistic child I have tested has qualified at 2 standard deviations above average or better. Since the research in 2016  that showed the profoundly gifted are more affected by the frequencies of wifi/microwave radiation and all are multiply chemically sensitive. it seems to me that austism might have an environmental source and affects those with the many extra neurological connections in their brains and the extra sensitivities also shown in other university research over the decades. Hmm! What sources affext their bioeectrical systems. heavy metasls such as mercury, alumiium,caesium etc can be detoxed at a medical natural health clinic such as NIIM at Hawthorn, a specially trained dentist can remove mercury fillings,  fluoride can be filtered out of water, you can eat organic and refuse junk food and any non natural products in any field- cosmetics, creams, pills , toothpaste cleaning products etc I get all mine from www.modere.com.au using code 749740 Also keep all mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and hand held phones and printers and modems off wifi and use flight mode.  Never have any of them in your bedroom . They affect melatonin which you need to sleep deeply and repair cells.. I do all that and look 10 years  younger than my age. I also eat according to my genes using my blood group as the guide. See www.dadamo.com. Eating the right food changed my husband from crippled under the top Melbourne spccialist and unable to work or evern cut his potato at dinner to be able to do anything and tow the big van to Mt Isa  and back. He had to give up red meat,potato and beer as his blood group was Type A which seems to be the most sensitive with the Aussie diet.

For wifi info go to ehtrust.org a UK source for scientific articles or australianbiophysics.org to find out what wifi is and what smart meters do.  Youtube has Dr Erica Malory-Blythe ( UK) on childen and wifi.  Dr Devra Davis (USA) and Professor Olle Johansson ( Sweden).Also Barrie Trower ( UK) is spcialist radiation expert. It would be great if we could stop autism, epilepsy . ADHD now discreited by its original founder, and protect our bioelectrical systems of brain and heart.  I am delighted with the changes in the children in my groups. Speed up the learning for them.

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