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Thursday, December 7, 2017 posted by wiseones 11:08 am

As you are aware there are extra sensitivities in the gifted and the more gifted the more sensitive. I have a list of mine from a special frequency assessment machine developed in Russia that shows 184 of mine that does not include the wifi that has now been identified as producing an immune response by both a doctor and a naturopath.

Life today is full of seen and unseen challenges to the gifted immune system.

You may be helped by my list of what I have to do.

1. Filter my tap water to drink. I use a Gentoo jug and have a 7000 litre tank.

2. Wear special protective hat and shirt to keep microwave/wifi out.

3. Use solar panels but not on the house. No smart meter. I charged them a storage fee and they UE, took it away. No more power bills. gas meter locked in a cage.

3. Special graphite and carbon black paint on walls and ceilings and laminates and curtains to keep wifi out. I have to go outside with hat and shirt to use my mobile phone.  I have wired in internet.

4. Eat for a Type A blood group diet even though I have a mutation and it is not the usual Type A . Tutankhamen of Egypt had my type . Not many of us.  No red meat, potatoes, capsicum, eggplant, wheat , cows milk. cheese, yoghurt, red wine. beer, soft drinks, oranges. I avoid tropical fruits as much as possible as I have Arctic genes. My doctor said it takes over 800 years for genes to get used to a new climate.  I have an organic garden and grow many of my own vegetables and fruits. Front garden is protected from Telstra pole 1E97-5G by special fine metal mesh or the food would be microwaved and not organic and have no food value. Last summer after th 5G  all the seeds were infertile.  I look at  least 10 years younger than my age and had my biological age measured early this year at 28 years younger than my chronological age.  I can’t use a doctor or medicines or any injections, or hospitals or pharmacies or an ambulance as I am allergic to so many chemicals-pain killers work in reverse, antibiotics give me huge welts and rashes , metal based ointments rashes.  Luckily in 2000 I found Use code 749740 to get a look at much safer products for health, cleaning, skin care. eyes, hair etc. It was my tutor in gifted education at UNSW in 2000 who told me about it. I owe my life to her.

My list even had caesium in it, Where did I get that allergy. Then I remembered putting together a few discarded Apple 2E computers for an aboriginal community in 1985. The only time I would have been exposed and it showed up in 2016 as extreme.  My dentist does not use any chemicals or injections and turns off all wifi before I come in. Main St Clinic in Lilydale. Worth the long drive.  He knows how to take the mercury out of fillings too. Special training is needed as mercury vapour is so brain toxic. It is in childhood injections too along with aluminium a known brain toxin. . Google   The Thinklng Moms Revolution- professiona[female medicos and gifted mothers telling their experiences of damage. There is no community training in treating the gifted. Our bodies work differently as well as our minds..

The Columbus group of Gifted Educators, professors from USA. said in NZ in 2015 that an IQ over 160 makes you very sensitive to everything.  The group sensitive to wifi in AUS  are all professionals  with multiple degrees, like me. All of us have IQ over 160, are MCS and EHS and allergic to insect bites. Yet this is not acknowledged by the medical profession who are told it is imagination. The AUS levels of wifi are much more dangerous than in Europe and 100,000 times the level in Russia where they will not allow  anyone under 18 to buy a mobile phone. 15 countries have banned wifi in schools and hospitals. Please look after your gifted child at any cost. Your child may be the one who solves the problem, for all.


Food allergies = dark circles under eyes,  sinus problems, constant sniffles, constipation,  Anatto in bread causes oppositional behaviour. It is not in Brumbys or Bakers Delight. Food colourings and additives seem to cause a lot of trouble.  Read Fed Up  which is marvellous info if your child is a bit of a handful. Australian research.  .

Cleaning products and insect sprays and weed killers – skin rashes, dermatitis, dry skin. red eyes. use,au   Code 749740  Wash food very carefully, even chicken or meats in plastic, wash plastic off.  Don’t dry your hands under a hot drier in public toilets- huge germs. Better to wipe on your pants or skirt.

Wifi/microwave radiation– headaches, poor sleep, bad language, anger, heart fibrillation, brain fog, confusion, poorer eyesight and/or hearing memory loss and screen dermatitis from the computer, printer, router modem, mobile phone, baby monitor, hands free phone, even a new fridge or tv now has wifi to monitor your daily life. Don’t forget the smarf meter is emitting about 9600 times a day.   The new NBN modems and system put a wifi gadget on your wall inside and outside or they use wifi all the way. The new level used by Telstra and others is 1710 to 2170 MHz compared to the old bandwidth  of 921-925 MHz  It shows as 5G but they deny that it is. My hens got ill and I had to send them away. All the magpies and ravens vanished and the bees too. I am getting a special deal from iinet which seems to  be the only one which can cope without wifi. 15 ears to cancer- leukaemia and glioma. Unborn most damaged, then children then women . Male sperm is now more than 50% slower than 1en  years ago- infertility. DNA damage in ova is inherited for generations.

It is  serious and I care for the misunderstood and mostly unidentified gifted like my own children. This will be attacked by some on facebook but I love that. It is a sign of the truth that those causing the trouble actually pay people to get on facebook aad abuse me.   if they were kind and good they would prove their  safety.  They cannot so they abuse instead. It is a recognized technique . I am sure you have seen it in parliament too.

Look after your children. They are a gift to the world.


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