Family meals benefit children & Irlen Syndrome.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 posted by wiseones 4:04 pm

“A new Canadian study shows that children who routinely eat their meals together with their family are more likely to experience long-term physical and mental health benefits.

Previous research by two Emory University psychology professors showed that families who regularly share meals together have children who know more about their family history and tend to have higher self-esteem, interact better with their peers and show higher resilience in the face of adversity. In addition, families who openly discuss emotions associated with negative events, such as the death of a relative or a pet, have children with higher self-esteem and sense of control.”

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My huge family just had our Christmas get together at the Windmiil Caravan Park at Ballarat. We don’t give presents but our presence. This year we also celebrated a 60th Birthday, a 79th birthday and a 14th birthday . We were delighted to see how two littlies both lonely at school due to their giftedness made friends, one from Sydney and one from Melbourne. They were so happy it almost made me cry for their needs being met for a few days. I think Skype may be busier in future.  The primary children loved the swimming pool.Then there were the ones in secondary school having a great time together just walking and talking, the young adults dancing, my brother teasing me about being 21 for 30+ years. We all put in food to share and I have to do the punch as I am a terrible cook. The young adults now have girl or boy friends and I can feel their energy fields and know if they suit or not. All well this year.  So I am the most blessed grandma to have so many love me and not one narky person in the lot. Everyone is a gifted person. I think that helps us understand each other. The gifted should always marry a gifted as a soul mate.    I love the way my 5 children are bringing up their children. They exhibit all the things we try to provide for the gifted through the WiseOnes program. This week I found a boy who has the same Irlen syndrome as my 4th child. I recognized it and have contacted the parents. In Irlen syndrome the words in black print shiver and crawl on the white paper and it is very difficult to read or spell or do maths. It is unique to latitudeis that are far from the equator and the sunlight comes in at a long slanty angle breaking up the black no colour print, on the white all colours paper.  The child does not know it is not the usual appearance and optometrists do not recognize it. Luckily there are now several clinics that asses and treat it with coloured lenses. Google Irlen Syndrome.  My son, who left school desperate, is now a very successful businessman.   He says it was his very strong family that got him through and his sporting ability.  I learn a lot from my children. Today I was taught how to close my apps and save my phone battery.

Look out for my book early next year with heaps of tips for parents of the gifted and techniques for school leaders to make life easier for everyone and more appropriate  for the gifted as well. It is ” A Gifted Life”  Happy Christmas to all.

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