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Thursday, May 11, 2017 posted by wiseones 9:03 pm

Now that we are international in Oceania with the signing of a New Zealand Licencee in the south island, we are expanding into Europe next. I have recently been in Ireland, south and north, contacting teachers and organizations to see what interest there is in their schools and in parents.

The website is . If you know any schools or teachers who might like to run a Licenced gifted education business I can make it easy for them. I am actually an Irish citizen through my mother so I understand the people and their lovely sense of humour. I got some good extra teaching aids from Dublin and Enniscorthy castles.

Last year I visited the Atlantaquarium in Galway and wrote  a unit on Disguises as a result.  I will be back in Ireland later this year so I have a definite powerful interest in assisting the gifted children like my cousins’  grandchildren. This applies to the north as well as the south of the country.

In the plane from Singapore I was watching the pilots view of the world and had another idea. I was fascinated by the Java Trench just south of Indonesia and thought of the fascinating things I know about ocean trenches. I feel another unit coming on. I wonder what would be a good name for such a way out environment? Suggest some ideas.

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