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Friday, February 17, 2017 posted by wiseones 11:14 am

We now have a service for remote schools , home schoolers and those whose school does not have the program . It uses video conferencing using desktop sharing with teaching aids in pdf format, and emailed worksheets. The groups are even smaller with max 6 so the teacher can see all of them all the time and they write on their own space on the whiteboard.

We have a website learnonline.simplesite.com

I have done this with Algebra and Grammar and the children, all boys, were enthusiastic and the results were amazing. One boy who never did anything at school and was not considered gifted by his primary school all of a sudden got a B and this year has won a leadership position at his college. What a turn around!  Another had never faced a challenge at school before and learned and was excited by such a new idea. Pleased parents make me happy.

Currently available

Algebra, Grammar, 7 Steps to Genius,  Thinking Skills, Ads that Sell, Fibonacci and Mensa, Ancient Greece, Vikings, Draw with the Masters. These will run through 2018 also then change. More will be added as we get more teacher contractors for the work.

Please email fastlearners@outlook.com to suggest what you would like to enrol your child in now.

Price depends on how many are in the group. We can take up to 6  so see who else you know who might be interested.  Extra fee for Paypal payments. We have to pay teachers, IP, IT, tax, marketing.

Group of 6   $125 each;  group of 5  $151;  group of 4 $190 each, group of 3 $252    one child alone $755  .   Prices as at 2017

Also my Master Speller program uses a different technique that relies on a video meeting by Skype  every weekday for 2 weeks that lasts 5 minutes. That makes the children happy and their teachers too so if your child can’t spell give it a go. It works for children with Irlen syndrome too. Email fastlearners@outlook.com. Price is $150 for the 10 sessions. Time usually is just before they go to school. The trial proved 80% successful at the trial school and the ones who did not learn had serious  medical problems with their eyes that had not been noticed before. So if there is a real problem we can maybe pick that up too.

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