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Monday, November 28, 2016 posted by wiseones 8:52 am

CPPS has decided to take on the WiseOnes program for the fastest learners. This program has a proven record of success in making these children happier and raising their NAPLAN scores. Amazingly educational leaders found that these children’s scores went down and down each time they were tested.  WiseOnes Founder, Pat Slattery, decided to investigate whether the program made any difference to that.  She researched the scores in several schools state and independent. Wow! the program certainly worked. The lowest increase was over 15% and the highest was as if the children had 2 extra test scores- massive .  The key factor seemed to be that the child had done at least 2 terms in the program and if they had done 6 or more then the gain was much bigger. Since the program swings from science/maths one term to not science/maths the next it seems important that they are in both strength and weaker areas.

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