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Near the end of 2013 two of the children who regularly enroll in the WiseOnes program at their primary school received $500 each from Mensa from the Bull Bequest administered by Mensa.

The most likely problems associated with giftedness. The more gifted the more  likely.

1. Autism– seems to be associated with childhood injections as an immune reaction to the metal. Every autistic child that I have tested has qualified for the program in the top 5%. Aluminium and mercury and several other foreign body adjuvants in these injections are meant to provoke the immune response but these children cannot afford to have their immune system provoked because it is so sensitive due to the extra neurological connections in the brain that have been developing on average at 140% per year increase since conception.. The named ones are brain inhibitors.  Thimersol is mercury and aluminium is found in dementia patients . It was found in research in 2016 that the people suffering from EHS tinnitus, heart  troubles rashes, sleeplessness, headaches, loss of focus,  from wifi.microwave meters are all over 160IQ and also multiply chemically sensitive and allergic to insect bites. Their brains would have developed at a lot faster pace that those of IQ 130 also gifted. They have to protect their immune systems much more carefully in a world full of chemical and electronic contaminants not designed for their capabilities. I think of us as the canaries in the mine as in days of old where a canary was taken into the coal mine and if it dropped dead everyone got out fast.  This week 2 of my daughter’s 40+ year old male friends dropped dead. Two older male relative of mine dropped dead a couple of years ago. In Canada seven 10 year old  boys dropped dead in class.  We cannot live as other people do.  Dr Judy Wileyman on the injections  or  www. or YouTube Dr Erica Mallory Blythe on wifi in children and schools or Prof Olle Johansson with whom I am in touch frequently.

2. Dyslexia/ Irlen syndrome–  my son has scotopic dyslexia and school was incredibly distressing for him as he could not read or spell or do tables even tough he could read tombstones in the local cemetery before he started. It is a black print on white paper problem in places far away from the equator. The husband and a son of another daughter have it also. Trades led to success and their gifted brains led to imaginative business innovation and self esteem not to mention wealth., but you would not wish the suffering on anyone. My son and grandson had childbirth differences, one early and one late and maybe the drugs used had an effect.   As a teacher  I have met girls with it too but not as many. Get help in Australia or google for other countries away from the equator.

Ordinary local optometrists cannot identify this problem. For other type s of dyslexia find a behavioural optometrist.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have no experience of this but I suspect that it is connected to either very obsessive parenting or drug or chemical reactions in foods. It may be artificial colourings and it often is then try Sue Dengate’s book FED UP

. Follow her research finding the violence rate in Brixton prison in England dropped over 70%- massive,  and we still give prisoners junk food with additives. One of my grandsons seemed to be very affected by artificial colourings but would not believe his mother so  I offered to carry out an experiment with him, He agreed so with notebook and money we went to the local shopping centre. First we documented how he felt at that time  head, heart, emotions, skin , He was very good at really working with me to get the wording right as a this was real science for him.    Then I  gave him $5 and said buy whatever  you like but don’t go with anyone else . You must come back to me to finish the documentation. He ate and enjoyed and I waited. There were early symptoms and later symptoms and we noted them.   Eventually he said ,”I’d like to go home now. I feel terrible. ”  He is an engineer now and a sensible young man.

ADHD- the scientist who decided to name this has now gone back on it and says it is just a list of symptoms.  Well they are gifted symptoms of a VERY fast brain and they should never be given drugs.  The children tell me , ” Pat I don’t feel like myself any more,” They can’t think like they could and it tells them they are no good as they are.   Why should they be drugged because teachers can’t take their incredible  pace?

Depression- well  if society is always telling you you are different and no good, unacceptable and you get bullied what do you expect.    You can’t fit in because no-one else think like you,  reads like you,  knows so much. You are bored with them and they are bored with you. No belonging, a basic need for every person and provided by the WiseOnes program. As a child I was accelerated 3 times  P/1, 3/4 and 6/7/8 so that meant I could talk to them but still i was different- tall and sporty, 3 years younger at least and not an urban girl. I accept being alone and get on with life helping the gifted, the allergic, the emotionally troubled as they come into my life. Luckily due to avoiding the  184 things I am sensitive to and wearing wifi protective clothing  my biological age is 28 years younger than my chronological age – yes, all measured scientifically.   I don’t use doctors or pharmacies and have an organic fruit and vegetable garden and water tank and no wifi smart/dangerous meter.

I think I have covered multiple allergies, self esteem. loneliness, school boredom (ADHD), and given you some useful links. Yes the difference is BIG. No-one can see it from the outside. Non gifted specialists cannot cater for it in any way as they do not know enough.   We are  not designed like most others neurologically and society does not cater for our difference. We have to do it ourselves even if we cannot fit in with some damaging laws. In NSW there is a severe shortage of nurses. Guess what –  they demand that to get a nursing qualification you must be immunized by a process that does not grant permanent immunity at all and quote herd immunity that is not present in humans who all have different sires.  I wish they were open to knowing more but maybe they do not have the capacity that I have as a profoundly gifted person and a speed reader who can read Latin too.  I do not wish to be judgmental but science is science and it is supposed to be as truthful as we know for the present until we find out more. But that updating is not keeping pace with world changes. Simple and natural is my life saving motto. Herbs too. A Turmeric mix has saved my life from radiation poisoning.

See me at a ball wearing my wifi protection hat and shirt, which have gold silver and nickel in the fibre to reflect off the microwave radiation from smart phones and towers, printers, modems, etc everywhere. I am using wired in internet and the notebook on battery with the printer wifi turned off at the factory because it would not stop emitting when I turned it off on the printer.  I have had to learn a lot to survive.  Currently trying to  learn quantum physics as my energy healer, naturopath and optometrist all use it.   What is a quanstruct? All profoundly gifted people, but you should not have to be to survive. Society should be protecting all living beings.

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