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Oakleigh Grammar  2020
The WiseOmes Gifted program started at this school in 2002. Together with other special needs programs this has made the school an outstanding example of innovative education. WiseOnes caters for the gifted in years 1 to 5 . In Year 6 they start the IB program. which is very compatible with the way our program works. As well there is the Arrowsnmith program. The community is proud of the success the school is having in national test scores.
WiseOnes topics for 2020

T1 Vikings, T2 Forensics WW, T3 Star Wars, T4 Astronomy. Our 22th year of provision for the gifted now and 18 years at Oakleigh Grammar. .


That is 72 terms of all sorts of curriculum units. Making a 22% increase in NAPLAN scores of participants.  We call it SHTEAMPOL much richer than STEM. That is Science, History, Environment and Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Philosophy, Other and Literature. Other includes That’s Entertainment based on Disney Paris and Brighton Pier in UK.  The first thing they learn is “Les toilettes”, the first thing you see once inside the gates. So it includes human needs such as toilets and cafes, engineering wonders, arts, imagination, transport,  excitement, ticketing, pricing, value for money. You try and classify it. Then there is Star Wars and King Arthur. Classify that one too. Dramatics development of moral characteristics in humans and AI.  Or what about Ads that Sell, the transfer of money = effort from one person to another. What tricks do sellers use to get your money?

The children love it and the return rate is great. It is not slow or simple like in class. One family I know had 3 children do 24 terms each child.    At a school where I supply the program the NAPLAN scores of the gifted who did the program were 22.2% higher than the gifted who did not do the WiseOnes program.  That is significant seeing that the scores of the gifted, all over Australia,  go down and down and down in the research . Our results were up an average 541 points higher or like having a 6th subject instead of 5 in the tally.

Yes WiseOnes sets them up for success in secondary school and even university as I have had parents tell me how it made their child so successful. They learn how to use their talents, to fail and get up again and that is a key factor.Failing in a group of like minds is different from failing in an average group.

Many thanks to all the Licencees and teachers who have provided this wonderful support to the gifted children where the Principa[ agreed to have the program. It is in school and in school time . The children then see that their school is providing for their need as for the  needs at the other end of the range. They make friends of like mind. They get ready in the morning of the program and are  waiting at the car keen to go.  It costs parents about as much as  a McDonald’s meal a week for 8 weeks or swimming lessons. See parent testimonials.  We have to pay for  websites, storage of the resources, teaching aids at appropriate levels. microscopes, conferences in G&T to keep up to date,  electronics kits, , books not in school libraries which are graded by reading ability, and teacher contracts at the going rate for their expertise. They are all gifted people.  Then there is our Licence fee for the developers who are all highly gifted.

Licencees get a benefit too as they share their talents with a new generation. Some of us were principals ourselves and now educate in a different way.  All are parents of gifted children now grown up successfully.

The contract teachers are also parents of gifted children so we all have lived experience as well as academic knowledge and we have PD every term to keep our registration and Police checks up to date. All of us have to have $10 million insurance to teach in the schools so you see we do it as cheaply as we can and we all know how family finances get stretched. Is it worth it. You bet!.    Two of my grandsons did WiseOnes work. One just finished Year 12 with all As. he was reluctant and never handed anything in before he did the Algebra course with WiseOnes.  The other has his Engineering degree. He could not spell and was refused entry by his school to the program even though he qualified on 2 separate tests. He did the Master Speller course online bef0re school each morning for 2 weeks for 5 minutes a lesson. Oh! English is logical after all if you know the history and the rules. What a change! Success with such a simple solution. He was also very  sensitive to fake food colouring but would not believe his parents about it.We went to the shops and I explained what an experiment was.  So we documented how he felt first, the before results. Then I gave him $5 and said  buy whatever you want. Don’t talk to strangers and come back here soon. He bought lollies . As we sat and talked we recorded his exact feelings every few minutes. He noticed the changes in himself and we documented them for his records. Red and blue dyes were the trouble. He was convinced and has avoided them ever since. He is a very logical person and with spelling and eating he needed logical teaching. So that is why we only have 8 in a group as the teachers have to teach each child in the way that suits them. It is more expensive but we do quality work. We had a choice quantity vs quality and we chose quality over money. It is what we would want for our own children. Thank you teachers for the passion  and commitment you put into teaching these children. Enjoying what you  do is a wonderful side effect with great pleasure resulting from your education efforts.


END of 2019 What has changed since our Submission? Well.money for gifted progtams but obviously not designed by experts in gifted ed¢ucation. Who made the decisions?

Our Submission to Vic Government Inquiry

The new Licensing website is at www.wiseonesgifted.net. That is for those interested in owning their own business, using our programs, to assist schools and parents to differentiate part of the child’s learning to cater for their extra speed, complexity and abstract ideas and for those who are gifted but may have a disability as well. We make it easy by providing curriculum and training. No retiring age.  There is an article about the 6 types of giftedness and a big list of the curriculum units. You need to be a qualified , registered teacher.  Geelong , Horsham  and Gippsland need one. NSW and many Queensland parents are asking  too. New Zealand has now started so we need more teacher/leaders there. Now www.wiseonesasia.com is up and running too. Anyone in Asia who’d like to start it there.

Contact: fastlearners@outlook.com

TEST YOUR CHILD– do you want to do a private at home try-out to see if your child is gifted before approaching your school?  Ages 5.5  to 14.   Send an email to fastlearners@outlook.com for a Skype appointment Cost $25 AUD (2018 price). Copy and paste the email address. Suits the engineers or the general knowledge children.  Takes a few pleasant minutes of their life. Hopefully nest year we will have this online and fully automated. The experts are looking at it now.

This website is for those schools and parents served by WiseOnes itself and these are where new curriculum units and special needs programs such as Master Speller, are trialed and research done to check the effectiveness of the programs. NAPLAN scores go up a lot we have found.

Does your child have reading difficuties? Look at this 12 minute video. Copy and paste this   iframe src=”https://player: width”640″vimeo.com/100269731

Assessments for those aged 5 to 75 by Skype are also available here. Suited to problem solvers or general knowledge types. Also Personality test.

Video Conferenced learning for home schoolers and  remote schools can be arranged. Group of 4 needed to cover costs, multi age . Rural schools may like to organize with another school. Contact fastlearners@outlook.com

Mensa scholarships are available but under the terms of the Bull Bequest where the money comes from,  one grandparent at least of the child must be born in Australia and have worked here. Apply directly to Mensa for a year’s scholarship Value approx $960 for a year.  mensa.org.au.  There are 5 scholarships available for children in the WiseOnes program if your child qualifies. Application is formal.

If your school is served by an Education Consultant  who is a Licencee of WiseOnes then they may have their own website or advertisement in the school. Licencees are independent education business people not franchisees of WiseOnes. They provide the WiseOnes curriculum units in schools under Licence. Contact details are on wiseonesgifted.net. They are North, East, South East, Bayside and Dandenong Ranges areas of Melbourne and Queenstown NZ so schools in those areas can be provided with the program. Apply to serve other areas. Contact details on wiseonesgifted.net

WiseOnes licenses Intellectual property e.g. curriculum units and training videos to appropriate teachers who would like to assist gifted children using our very successful programs.  They approach schools in their area, state or country and use the materials to provide the service. The gifted children need more great teachers to take up a Licence.


Oakleigh Grammar (Rowena) School Contact= Joanne Zacharapoulos.  For 2019

T1 2019– Become an Expert on ShellsT2 Create Analogies ;T3 Microscopes T4 Ancient Greece

Cranbourne Park P.S.( Pat)- School contact= Sue Jones. This where the Master Speller program was trialed.

T1 2019  Aussie Dinosaurs  T2 Fibonacci & Mensa T3  Ancient Greece   T4  Mind Your Money

Gifted units start Feb 2019. Parents , make sure your payment is at the school office by the first week if your child has qualified . The Principal will decide who gets the sponsorships on the basis of need. This program makes a big difference to the NAPLAN scores of the gifted and also their happiness and satisfaction with the school.   If you want private Skype testing contact fastlearners@outlook.com

The AIMS are Academic, Intellectual, Moral and Social development of a child who is significantly different. That is 2 or more standard deviations, the same as those who are very slow learners who have funded help at school. These children are not funded. All entrants are assessed, Fees are about equal to or less than swimming lessons though the teachers are highly educated and gifted people themselves so they can understand the different ways of thinking that these children exhibit. We provide all references and  teaching aids as well since we go far beyond primary level needs. As far as the children can go our teacher can go.

Each unit consists of 8 sessions of an hour out of class each week. We rotate times so they don’t miss the same class lesson every week. They have no difficulty catching up what they miss.  Units are multidisciplinary and holistic and children can contribute what they already know. They are challenged to whatever their failure level is so there is no ceiling to the learning.   There are only 8 per group. We tried 10 to make it a bit cheaper but with all of them different from each other and no ceiling we decided to retain the quality instead.

Topics range over Arts, Language, History, Environment, Science, Maths, Thinking.  We encourage children to join in all areas and not to specialize at this young level. Also they need to learn to fail. This is hard for the gifted. They have to overcome perfectionism and learn time management and some need social skills. These are all part of the program, individualized for each student through the understanding, empathy and skills of the teacher.

They love sharing their oddball senses of humour too,  so love coming to school on the WiseOnes day.  It is so lovely for them to have companions who understand their jokes, their allusions, share knowledge and all learn together- faster, more complex, more abstract, more suited to them. Belonging is the most needed thing but the gifted are so different that this is a difficulty. There are few of them. ” Do I dumb down to fit in or maintain my integrity and be a loner? Do I be the class clown? How do I get out of class- be annoying”?  With the WiseOnes program this is not longer a question. You have 7 possible friends who have been facing the same question.


WiseOnes would like  a teacher in the Cranbourne area in Vic. We have an advert on the Gold Coast and for North Brisbane for a Licencee to serve schools there, also Townsville would be good. New Zealand has now started so we need more people there.

WiseOnes is looking for new Licencees in Australia and New Zealand and also teachers who’d like to do video conferenced teaching of the program, from home,  specializing in their favourite curriculum units. This would enable remote schools, distance education from Longreach  and overseas parents to gain access to it.  We are keen to start in Europe too, maybe Ireland. If you know anyone let them know.  Email: fastlearners@outlook.com





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