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WiseOnes® specializes in Gifted Education, helping fast learners to develop their real potential through boutique programs at their own school or in online learning .  The WiseOnes program is provided through independent teacher- leaders who are licensed to use the WiseOnes Trademark and curriculum and operate their own businesses. They are not franchises. The owners photos and areas are down the left side bar. Contact them directly. For general inquiries and about gaining a Licence ring the mobile number listed for WiseOnes or Pat Slattery or email CV to the email above. This is an Australian developed and provided program that has proved to result in stunning increases in NAPLAN results.

The WiseOnes service for fast learners is provided by very experienced teachers who are parents of gifted children themselves. They contract to the licensed business owners who manage the specialist gifted curriculum for the schools or else for home schoolers directly.  WiseOnes began operations in Feb 1998. See the testimonials link near the bottom of the page to see what difference the WiseOnes program makes.  Online groups may operate under the banner fastlearnersonline.com.au in some businesses.  This is for those in small and remote schools or home schoolers so the teacher comes to you by technology not in the car. Very small groups help the children enjoy the more complex learning and each other’s company. Please use WiseOnes free online assessment for an initial indication for potential giftedness. This test is free for students between the ages of 5.6 and 14. Oops This test appears to have lost its link. It is being investigated. This is not suited to tablets or mobiles yet. They increase the level of difficulty and may give a lesser result than is correct.

To achieve valid results you must not help the child do any of the test, by any hints, by body language, by sighs or any other way after the first example when you teach them how to answer and to go to the next puzzle. They may not use a calculator or dictionary or write on paper. The test is not valid if repeated within a year. It is standardized for fast learner children and the result is based on that not on an average ability.

Try the WiseOnes free online assessment –  the test automatically stops once the child is beyond their capability level. An email then follows with appropriate suggestions.  Oops.  Sorry this test appears to have lost its links and is being investigated.


TestMyChild.net Education and Aptitude Testing at Home from WiseOnes AustraliaSix Types of Gifted Children

1. A level, motivated, teacher and parent pleaser, fits the system, learns to underachieve, maybe does not reach potential. Needs more challenge in a safe environment for risk taking.

2. Challenging, divergent, disruptive, creative with system, creative thinker, maybe pessimist and introvert. Noisy class and too much group work may cause distress and an eruption of emotion. Teachers are not keen on too many of these in class.

3.  Underground – hides gifts to be with peers, works enough to pass OK, maybe puts time into peer fashion/ sport. Some original peoples have shared culture that discourages individual gifted behaviours and poverty can be a social grouping that is fairly binding in acceptable behaviors – not study. They look average.

4. Dropout, angry, frustrated, bitter – need counsel- manipulates the system. Causes anguish to everybody. Can refuse any co-operation and any help. It seems that they are not accepted for who they are and we want to change them. Only longer term counseling can help them. It is not an educational problem but a belief and mind set in them. They are likely to refuse help.

5. Learning disabled but seems average, unrecognized or refused G&T to “repair” weakness – Irlen syndrome & poor auditory memory or processing may not be noticed for years as the gifted child guesses so well that it covers up the weakness. Also tiredness and immune problems are high in the gifted who have extra sensitivities to foods as well as chemicals, drama and fights, insults, and news items . Dr Linda Silverman, working with geneticists, found that the BIG 4 sensitivities were to wheat, cow’s milk, oranges and chocolate. Sue Dengate in Australia, has found that anatto, no. 160b, in bread causes oppositional behaviour in the sensitive and salycilates in fruits may lead to hyper behaviour.  We can’t behave like everyone who is less sensitive. Watch out for dark circles under the eyes, glue ear, sniffles and “colds”, pains in the tummy, constipation, dry skin, tired after a meal, allergies, asthma. Use our free test to check but do it away from a meal and when the child seems well.  The gifted also can’t sometimes switch off the thinking, so lose sleep. They need a very calm hour before bed- no fast TV images or computer games. It’s no wonder many are unrecognized at school and can’t peform to their potential.

6. Autonomous, balanced, leadership, uses system and can become great. Make up their own minds about how hard to work in the circumstances and what else they have planned. Still need a good coach at the appropriate level.

Only types 1 and 6 are easy to identify in schools.

NB The new study of epigenetics and leads in quantum physics are adding interest to G&T education all the time.

Thanks to Dr Maureen Neihart for her research and publication in the 6 types of gifted children.. All WiseOnes teachers have this lived experienced of her research, with their own children so they have had the incentive to learn in this area. It is the combination of a lifetime of experience, a high degree of curiosity and the academic study as a fast learner themselves that makes consulting one of our leaders so valuable. The list of leaders is in the side bar and their own page will give you contact details and an idea of where they are located. The Founder of WiseOnes has 5 of the 6 types in her own children. Dr Maurice Balsan found that place in the family had a lot to do with how the individual chooses to express their gifts so they do not compete with other family members. Generally siblings are very close in IQ even if one does not appear so.

Prof Francois Gagne says there ought to be 10% of your school in special faster programs. How many is that? WiseOnes takes the top 5 %. How many is that?. They have special needs for being and for learning. They are as much or more different as those who are at special needs slow level – just at the faster end requiring much more in the way of resources.

To go to Testimonials.  Check what parents and schools are saying about WiseOnes Faster Group programs does for the children.

For TEACHING EARLY READERS we can send you our Early Readers Word Chart with early grammar hints Reading helps the child to be more self managing at an earlier age and saves parents always having to answer “Why?” and  “What?”.  Yes, it does increase their general knowledge and will mean special advanced work at school but they are advanced anyway and schools should have a gifted program

You can use our web conferenced lessons through fastlearnersonline.com.au in school time if the school permits it.  Children need to qualify with a WiseOnes teacher once only. This is free for those intending to enroll and only takes a few enjoyable minutes. The very small faster groups will be sorted for best benefit to the children.

They may not be in the same state or country but the interests and time slots will suit them.


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